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                          留学生告知书 Notice for International Students

                          发布日期:2018-09-29 作者:国际教育部


                                In order to successfully finish your study in our college, we make this Notice according to the relevant provisions of China and our College. Please carefully read and follow it.


                          一、政治纪律 Political Disciplines

                          (一) 禁止反对或违背中国的方针政策和法律法规;

                           Never Violate guidelines、policies and Laws of the People's Republic Of China;

                          (二) 禁止挑起事端,聚众起哄;禁止泄露国家秘密,危害中国国家安全;

                           Forbid to Stir up Trouble and threaten national security;

                          (三) 禁止收藏、收看、传播反动、黄色、淫秽书刊和音像制品;

                           Should Not Watch or Spread Blue pornographic books and periodicals Or Movies;

                          (四) 禁止传教,禁止在校内举行宗教集会。

                          Prohibition of missionary and not allow to Organize religious meetings in college.


                          二、签证纪律 Visa Disciplines

                          (一) 留学生离开常德前往中国其他城市也必须选择能进行临时居留登记的涉外酒店入;

                               When students leave Changde city and arrive at another cities, the first and most important things is to make temporary resident permit in local Exit-Entry Bureau of Public Security within 24 hours or choose foreign-related hotels;

                          (二) 签证到期前45天须向班主任老师提请续签;

                          Students should inform your head teacher before 45 days of your visa will be expired;

                          (三) 留学生每年在6月26日结束学习,7月5日之前必须离校。

                               Study activities are usually finished on June 26 and students must leave our college before July 5 every year.

                          三、学习纪律 Study Disciplines


                          Students should go to classes on time. If late coming or early left the class for 5 times, student will be regarded as truancy. For 3 times truancy, students will be expelled from our college.


                          四、寝室纪律 Dormitory Disciplines

                          (一) 一学期无故2次晚归和1次夜不归宿给予书面警告。6次晚归和2次夜不归宿取消住宿资格,5日内搬离公寓;

                          If there are 2 times late coming back and 1 time stay out all night without any reason and not ask for leave from head teacher,then students will be given written warning. 6 times late coming back and 2times stay out all nights, college will cancel the accommodation qualification and within 5 days move out from the dormitory room;

                          (二) 禁止留宿外人,违反者取消住宿资格;

                          Not allowed to invite outsiders to live in your room, or will cancel the accommodation qualification;

                          (三) 禁止在公寓内做饭,违反者取消住宿资格;

                           Prohibit cooking in your room, or will cancel the accommodation qualification;


                          五、请假纪律  Leave Disciplines


                           Students who want outgoing during summer vacation、winter vocation、weekend or other kinds of legal holidays should inform your head teacher,fill out the Leave form and come back to college one day earlier before classes.

                          六、安全纪律  Safety Disciplines


                          Resident permit will be canceled if students are found to do part time job outside the college,no matter during the class time or on summer、winter vacation、weekend. Part time or full time job is illegal in China if you are holding X visa.


                          No gambling, no fight, and far away from drugs;


                          Do not allow to swim in the river (pond, reservoir, etc.)


                          Students are not allowed to drive without a license;


                                 Students are not allowed to collect and carry controlled knifes sticks, air guns, infrared flashlight and other equipment and toxic, flammable and explosive items into the campus.








                                                                   日    期:     年  月   日



                          Letter of Commitment

                          I here promise to read this book thoroughly, to obey Chinese Laws and regulations and rules of the university. I am willing to undertake the responsibility related with the laws and rules if I break them.










                                                                                                                                      年     月     日


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